–Who do I contact if I need an ambulance for an emergency?

Dial 911 for all emergencies. Do not call our dispatch center if you have an emergency.

–I see your ambulances sitting in various spots throughout the area not doing anything. Why are they sitting around?

We strategically place ambulances and wheelchair transport vehicles throughout the southern New Jersey area to ensure a timely and appropriate arrival time for transportation. In Dennis Township, Woodbine, and Maurice River Township, our ambulances are staged based on normal call volume in order to quickly respond to emergencies.

–I see your ambulances with lights & sirens outside of Belleplain. Why?

Our ambulances transport patients to area hospitals outside of normal emergency response area, so it is not uncommon to see a Belleplain ambulance using lights and sirens to get to the hospital. Also, we have a number of mutual aid agreements with surrounding communities, such as Upper Township, Middle Township and Sea Isle City, where a Belleplain ambulance may respond to an emergency in another municipality if no ambulance is available there. The agreement is mutual, meaning when no Belleplain ambulances are available, an ambulance from a neighboring community may respond to an emergency in our response area.

–When I call for an ambulance, why does a fire truck sometimes show up also?

We have a great working relationship with the fire departments in our area. Usually, the fire department is dispatched to motor vehicle accidents to provide traffic control and assist our EMTs on scene. Several of our departments also run a “First Responder” program, where firefighters are trained in basic medical care and CPR. These firefighters ensure that patients in need of care receive potentially life-saving care in the quickest possible manner.

–When I call 911, what should I do while I wait?

To make the emergency response as quick as possible, having a list of the patient’s medications and past medical history assists are EMTs greatly in providing care.

–Can I ride in the ambulance with my loved one?

We limit the number of non-ill passengers in the ambulance to one. Family members and friends are encouraged to take personal transportation to the hospital whenever possible, and should NEVER follow the ambulance through stop signs or red lights. Personal vehicles following ambulances must follow all traffic laws.

–Can I request to be transported to a specific hospital?

For emergency situations, our ambulances attempt to transport patients to the closest appropriate hospital. Due to our geographical location, Cape Regional Medical Center in Cape May Court House, Shore Medical Center in Somers Point and Inspira Medical Center in Vineland are usually the hospitals utilized for emergencies.

–Why do I sometimes see an SUV with lights and sirens following your ambulance to the hospital?

Usually, an SUV behind our ambulance is one from one of our area paramedic units from AtlantiCare or Inspira, who meet our units en route to the hospital. Paramedics have a higher level of training and equipment, and are able to provide more specialized care and give medications before we arrive at the hospital. You may also see a NJ Department of Corrections vehicle behind our ambulances, as we do provide emergency medical response to Bayside State Prison and Southern State Prison in Cumberland County. When an inmate is transported to the hospital, and NJDOC officer follows the ambulance in a seperate vehicle.


–What type of transportation services do you offer?

Emergency Ambulance Transport, Non-Emergency Ambulance Transport, Bariatric Ambulance Transport, Mobility Assistance Vehicles/Wheelchair Vans.

–I need someone to transport my loved one to the doctors, but it isn’t an emergency. Can I still use your service?

Yes. We provide non-emergency transport using both our ambulances and mobility-assistance vehicles. To schedule a non-emergency transport, call our dispatch center at 609-861-5250.

–I don’t live in Belleplain. Can you still send me an ambulance?

We provide emergency medical response to Dennis Township, Woodbine Borough, and the southern half of Maurice River Township. If you require emergency transportation and live outside of those areas, you will receive a different ambulance upon calling 911.
However, we provide non-emergency transportation throughout the southern New Jersey area. To set up a transport, call 609-861-5250.

–I use a wheelchair to get around. Why can’t I take it in the ambulance?

In order to safely secure patients in an ambulance, all patients are required to ride on the ambulance stretcher, regardless of medical condition or normal seating equipment. Patients that require transportation who are commonly in wheelchairs can be scheduled through the use of mobility assistance vehicles, which are equipped with specialized equipment for safely securing patients in wheelchairs.

–Can you transport a patient out of state?

Yes, we can accommodate long-distance transports. We have transported patients as far as Virginia and Connecticut. Call our dispatch center at 609-861-5250 for more information on long distance transports and rates.

–How do I schedule a medical transport?

Our dispatch center is staffed around the clock to handle your scheduling needs. Contact them at (609) 861-5250 to schedule.

–How far in advance should I schedule a transport?

As soon as you have confirmation of an appointment or necessary trip, you should schedule with us at (609) 861-5250. We try to accommodate all requests, and same day requests can often be accommodated, but the best way to ensure transportation is to do so as soon as possible.

–What can I bring with me in the ambulance?

Due to state regulations, only items that are deemed “crashworthy” are permitted to be transported. Items are limited to as little personal items as necessary, especially in emergency situations.


–What are your hours of operation?

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are not closed for holidays.

–What are the requirements and training for your personnel?

Those employees working on an ambulance are certified as Emergency Medical Technician-Basics through the New Jersey Department of Health. Our Mobility Assistance Vehicle Technicians are certified through a training program also set by the NJ Department of Health. All our employees are also trained in CPR and Defensive Driving.

–Will my insurance cover transportation costs?

Insurance plans may cover medically necessary transportation, depending on the specific insurance carrier’s guidelines. Carriers will also determine whether or not transportation is justified as medically necessary according to their specific criteria. It is important to check with your insurance provider and comply with all requirements for authorization and qualification for transportation in order to be sure the transportation is covered by insurance.

–If my transportation is not covered by my insurance provider, can I pay myself for your service?

Yes. We also accept private pay for our transportation services. Call the dispatch center at 609-861-5250 for more information.

–Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes. Our EMTs and MAVTs are required by law to adhere to the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, which mandates confidentiality of all personal medical information unless it is being shared with a healthcare professional directly involved in providing medical care to the patient.